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Okay so I talked to Brad today. He was totally leading me on. Here is our convo.

Brad:"I wanna come up north with you"

Me: That would be really fun

Brad: Would we be able to share a sleeping bag and make out

Me: Nah! lol

Brad: oh, well then I am not coming. lol

So then I bring the subject back up. Here is his reply. "we are just realy good friends and it would be weird dating you" What is that in guy speak? lol. What a loser. I replied "well then stop leading me on like that"



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Javita don't worry about that loser!! I wanna fly down there and kick his ass!!! You are to good for him and his friends!! Let's give Javita some support girls!!! LOL! LOve ya twin!!!
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ok, so here is a new men suck community! We can diss guys, talk about our guy problems and everything. Anyone wanna make a cool banner for the header? Anyone? I can't make a header.

so here are my guy problems...brad started talking about this girl Savanna he met who is from Georgia. I think she is made up but who knows. Anyway, at the end of our big long conversation he goes "I should have asked you out instead" I said "yeah you should have" lol. The conversation ends. Then the next time he comes on I tell him my true feelings. I really like him and want to maybe take our friendship further. He responds by "I really don't know what to say" and he leaves. I can understand that he was surprised and a little overwhelmed but now it has been the next day. He came online and completely avoided the subject! Can't he just give me an answer as to what he is feeling. Men! ugh!
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